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Goa is an advanced alien wizard with vast powers, intellect and technology which he has used to amass an empire of 20-50 million planets. Simultaneously incredibly ruthless and childishly playful, he tends to lose all his altercations because he doesn't take things seriously and often leaves before the fight if done for silly reasons. He tries not to kill children, but has no trouble harming them. His greatest weakness is that when his emotional state is damaged, he loses the ability to effectively control his powers, weakening him greatly. Additionally, his preoccupation with not damaging what he wants to conquer keeps him from being too destructive at times.

Shape shifting- Mostly used to hide his true, dinosaur like form. He generally looks like a very odd version of the dominant life form of the planet he's conquering, but can take gigantic or tiny shapes at will.

Whips- His signature close combat weapon is a candy cane coloured whip. Its power varies between cleaving buildings in two to merely painful lashes.

Teleportation- Able to move himself and objects anywhere he wishes in the universe.

Time Travel- Able to send himself and objects billions of years into the past.

Indestructible- Practically impossible to damage except by extreme means, he can also regenerate even if burned to ashes. He has lived for billions of years.

Molecular control- Able to break down or create objects at will.

Shrinking- Can shrink objects to at least 1/1000 of their full size.

Meteor Strikes- Drops hundreds of meteors on a foe.

Finger Beam- Shoots out a disintegration beam from his finger.

Immolation- can set twelve planets aflame at a time by snapping his fingers.

Dark Mist- Envelops a star in mist that blocks its light completely.

Transmutation- Turning people into other things (specifically he turns a great deal of people into flowers).

Basically a wizard that can do all sorts of crazy things.

Aside from his personal powers, Goa has a large collection of technological equipment, minions and space beasts at his command. In particular he has legions of Pseudo-People, shape shifting aliens trained to imitate humans and replace them until they can overthrow mankind.