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Goa is the antagonist from the manga series Magma Taishi. An interplanetary tyrant of phenomenal power, he travels the galaxy conquering planets and has been doing so for billions of years, amassing an empire of at least twenty million planets. Every time he conquers or destroys a planet, he takes a few children of the species that lives there with him, being very fond of kids. Setting his sight on the Planet Earth next, he discovers it was created by and is home to his age old rival, the man named Earth.

What follows is a scheme to replace enough of the people of the planet with his alien duplicates, allowing a relatively less destructive take over than a full military invasion. Foiled repeatedly by Earth's soliders, Magma, Mol and Gamu, three Rocketonians and human resistance from a young boy named Mamoru, he eventually gives up and leaves once all his pseudo-people duplicates are destroyed. Largely because in the process of these adventures, his heart is broken and he loses the will to stay.

Some time later he made a return, using the mysterious super giant from space, Black Garon. The legendary Garon had phenomenal power usually used to help develop the universe. Goa stole the living core that controlled it, a baby like being called Pick and dropped the giant on Earth. Without the core Garon rampaged and Goa used that to extort the world into surrendering to him. It was able to defeat Magma, but Earth intervened by demanding he and Goa go the creator of the universe to let him decide who could have the planet. Goa's argument that Earth claiming the planet was his was akin to a child making a sandcastle and then claiming ownership of sand was persuasive. The decision was a battle of representatives at the South Pole in one month- Goa's Garon versus the Earth's Magma, who was still weak from the previous thrashing.

What exactly he is and where he comes from is unknown, but it is clear he is unique- as every single person he has ever met has considered him a hideous monster.


Goa is a strange fellow. Whilst ruthlessly and self described as evil, he's more often than not a very friendly guy that likes to play around. His somewhat silly personality that treats everything as a game is at odds to his dangerous activities- he has big reactions to everything and wastes time and effort showing off.

Despite being an evil and pitiless killer, he has a few good points. He sticks to his word and honours agreements. Perhaps because to him it is all nothing but a game. He also shows genuine care for the children he carries with him to every planet he visits, bringing them presents and when upset, goes to them to cheer him up. He delights in his evil schemes, but describes the children as the only thing he has that makes him truly happy.

This stems from his own experiences. His true form of a repulsive beast caused him to be rejected by everyone he met. In his words, no one considers him sweet at all, but children at the sweetest things there are. He desires to be close to them for that reason, unaware or unwilling to admit that his own evil keeps him from doing so properly. When his children turn on him, it is a crippling mental blow.